This light dessert looks fancy but is actually super simple to make! And what’s better than a dessert that tastes this delicious and only takes four ingredients?


  • Log Cabin Foods chocolate mousse mix
  • 1-12 oz container whipped topping
  • 1-8 oz container cool whip
  • 6 Heath bars
  • 1-chocolate cake mix


  1. Prepare chocolate cake batter and bake in 13×9 inch pan as directed on package. Allow to cool completely, then cut into half inch cubes.
  2. Mix chocolate mousse according to package directions
  3. Chop Heath bars
  4. In a trifle bowl or glass serving dish, place half of the cake cubes, half the chocolate mousse, and half the container of whipped topping and Health bars. Repeat layers, topping the dish with the remainder of the health bars.
  5. Refrigerate 8 hours before serving.
  6. Enjoy!

See? Super simple and delicious! Your family will be amazed by this chocolatey dessert. Let us know how your trifles turn out!